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I masturbated to orgasm for the first time when I was 12½ years old. According to my journal, it happened in July during the summer break between sixth and seventh grade. I was washing my small amount of pubic hair with shampoo when I noticed that my penis began to get erect. I started to rub it by holding it between both of my hands and moving them in opposite directions, like the way a person would rub a stick to try to light a campfire. It felt very different than I had remembered it feeling just a few months earlier. Soon, I felt my penis becoming very sensitive, almost ticklish. It felt like I was going to urinate but more intense. Since I was in the bathroom anyway, I wasn't that concerned if I did actually urinate so I kept rubbing myself.

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It eventually got to the point where I almost couldn't stand the sensational feeling of it anymore without yelling or something. Suddenly, a small amount semen shot out from the soap bubbles. My penis immediately went flaccid and became too sensitive to touch anymore. I had this weird feeling of relaxation afterwards that kind of scared me. I felt sort of guilty -- like I was messing around with something that I shouldn't be.
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